Some might wonder how and why we do what we do.

1. God chose to use man to tell of His salvation to others.

2. God started the first church with the disciples to edify believers and proclaim the gospel, baptize believers, disciple them to follow Christ and send out missionaries to start other local churches.

3. It is the local churches responsibility to proclaim the gospel around the world; they do this by supporting missionaries not only financially but in prayer and friendship too. We are co-laborers with God.

4. That�s why we travel the country to churches to raise monthly support for the work. They support from $25 to 100 a month with most around 50, which is about 1% of the average need to have a ministry.

5. Some individuals do support faithfully which is a big help. We have over 70 churches we represent but need over $5000 a month to give us the finances to do more for the furtherance of the gospel and do a work honoring unto God.

6. We know that God blesses giving! For His work, for His men, for His goal of reaching the lost.

7. We know to reap bountifully you have to sow bountifully. That is our main goal that every soul may hear of Gods salvation from sin, from death through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ and to establish local Baptist churches that walk in the truth. 



                                                        We are blessed!    paul