Missionary help page!

 If you have anything to add please send email to      ppierucki@yahoo.com  

  (We set out just to be a blessing to each local church.)

I research web sites and send an e-mail to ones like minded inviting them to look at the web page. Mass mailings get expensive. phone calling is hard.

  Carry a short term(6 month) insurance policy, they are cheap enough, and oversea's we use to use www.imglobal.com until Obama messed with health care and it become to expensive!  We just do not want to be a burden to the churches.


 I like www.baptistinfo.com for searching churches and web sites. www.superpages.com is good for maps and church listings.

Amway products for 10% of cost, household items and med. Supplies at www.internationalaid.org  click on initiatives.

 They closed their store located between Holland and Muskegon in Michigan but another church has taken on the ministry.


3000 free prayer cards at www.wynalda.com  They are a litho company that do great work.  


www.equipministries.org  has a great med school in NC. And many other training programs.


ACE accreditation schooling through www.aceministries.com click on Lighthouse Christian Academy link. Paces are free.


Settle Inns have prophet chambers, call ahead and rooms are free for preachers. www.settleinn.com   Was told some Super8 and Best Westerns do too.


We have had a vonage phone for years, gives you a local # and unlimited calling for $25 a month, I switched to skype and it is working fine. It is a blessing if you have broadband overseas. www.vonage.com   www.skype.com  269-467-0133 is our MI. # in Romania, skype offers a USA # for less than $70 a year with free incoming calls.


I recommend a cell phone in the States with free incoming so preachers can talk all they want without you worrying about your minutes. ATT offers a sim card for $25, and unlimited time for $60 a month, or a $2 a day unlimited, with $100 on the account it keeps the number secure for a year at a time.  They have some of the best nationwide coverage.


Many are doing blogs, a friend recommended a web host for $4.95 a month. It is what I use and use to be easy, now since they changed their format I have had to learn to use frontpage but it helped deputation and I hope it will help others see many photo's and give them first hand knowledge of our efforts here for Gods glory . www.ipower.com 


 I had a card given to me years ago for Doctors and Dentist who helped missionaries, but cannot find it or the Pastor who gave it. does anyone know of a network of these helps?


 While on deputation we got one year family memberships in the zoo's, science and kids musuems all over the states and Canada too for just a few more dollars than a one time visit. It was great.


 www.flightaware.com is the most sophisticated, useful, and fun aviation site on the Internet. It tracks in �real time� every airplane on an instrument flight plan over all of North America and much of the Atlantic and Pacific. Simply key in the airline name and flight number. A map will show
you exactly where the flight is enroute to its destination. With another click you receive all the relevant information for the arrival airport such as wind and weather, ceiling and visibility. It�s a wonderful site for use of family members to track a loved-one�s journey.


 emergencycard.png They have emergency road assistance #'s

For a free on-line Bible college go to www.saltlakebiblecollege.org or www.saltlakebaptistcollege.org 

I recommend picking a State and scheduling meetings like a route. Rather than ping pong the USA if possible and use prophet chambers as much as possible to help each local church.This is one listing I found, www.mwbm.org/images/propetschambers2006.pdf 

Need a vehicle? maybe this ministry can help!

Bro. Eric Hargis
Flights, We have used MTS travel, they are the best for one-way tickets., but mostly www.travelocity.com because I can book round trips from overseas and back with no hassle and the best prices, around $700 Budapest to Chicago.

Steve Lawson is helpful too at...

Vinings Travel

P.O. BOX 724377

Atlanta, GA 31139

770.436.1334 ext. 106


770.928.2659 fax

International Wholesale & Humanitarian Airfares



P.O. Box 1450
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Rex L. Cobb, Director
Phone: 940-872-5751
E-mail: info@baptisttranslators.com
Web site: www.baptisttranslators.com

Founded 1973. Independent Baptist. A school of missions sponsored by East Side Baptist Church, Bowie, Texas.
"Missionaries training missionaries to know Christ and to make Him known by the Scriptures through New Testament Baptist churches to all nations ... The courses of BBTI are designed to teach the skills needed for learning languages, reducing them to a written form, and translating the Scriptures into them. These steps lead to the overall goal to preach and teach the translated Scriptures so that a New Testament Baptist church can be planted firmly on the Word of God."