We were all born in Sturgis MI. Paul 08/08/62 Paula 12/20/62 Married 09/29/84

Seth 02/21/89 Shannon 04/01/91 Hannah 05/20/94 Elijah 01/28/97

and Isaac 03/29/00  I was saved May,90. Paula Feb.,91. Seth Oct.,03.

Shannon Feb.,98. Hannah May,03. Elijah Nov.,07. Isaac Nov.,06. 

Hi, If you would like to receive our  reports please send me your email address to ppierucki@yahoo.com

We are King James Bible believers (in English)not by pride but knowledge of the corruption of bibles by Satan. Like the deity of Christ removed, the blood that cleanses our sin, the precious promises of God removed therefore so many lack assurance and strength. Also salvation is clear that it is faith in Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ and not works. Please talk to me about this for your souls eternity is more value than your pride. Many corrupted translations point to works because Satan does not want you to rest in Gods finished work of salvation and cease from you own works to be saved. Read Hebrews 3 and 4. We are Baptist and will stay true to obedience to God acording to His Word by His grace and power.

  It is not that we are right, but God is right, and truth, and altogether wonderful!     Our local Independent Baptist Churches are on the most part scripturally right and I would not recommend any other. You need to be faithful where God puts you if the pastor is following Christ by His word. God will only respond to any man by faith in what He says. Not tradition, or religion, or philosophy or whatever. God is our creator and he gave us His word to know Him and His will. Praise the Lord!

  Paula is full of love and writes poetry

Shannon plays the piano and loves passing 

              Out scriptures and tracts

Hannah plays piano and is a soul winner

    Elijah is a worker and a great helper

Isaac is just cute and loves the work too.

  We grew up in restaurants, love to cook

Ran printing presses, sprayed urethane, 4 years plumbing (familiar with European hot water heat systems and electrical too.) and water treatment, 5 years apartment maintenance, (can fix or build about anything) many years small engine mechanic and automotive. Many years in petroleum and for over 21 years serving the Lord at the same time. Nursing homes, prison ministry, bus ministry, JR. churches and Sunday schools, camps, schools, over 300 hours teaching in institutes and preaching Christ to anyone who will listen. We want to help!

  Our focus is been on salvation of others, the local church and Baptist distinctives.

  I believe in the power of God, of His gospel, in His name, Jesus Christ! Of His Word, (God loves preaching!) Of the Spirit of God witnessing through us.

  And we have some medical training, love using object lessons including balloon animals and just love serving the Lord and rejoicing with others in His great salvation.

  We do carry a burden for all because without faith in Christ alone they will be cast into the lake of fire, this burden is the Lords in us. He came to seek and to save that which was lost.