The Pierucki Family

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                                      DECEMBER 2011 & JANUARY 2012 PRAYER LETTER

Dear praying friends,


                2 Thessalonians 1:3 " We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;"

                We are very thankful for your faithfulness through the years!  God has been and will always be faithful, desiring us all to grow in faith and charity, having a good testimony toward one another.

                The courts put off a decision with the house in Zalau for a month, giving us another month to prepare the new house.  So, we have been working long days on it and have three bedrooms painted now. With the extra money at Christmas we purchased flooring material.  I don't know if you've ever built your own house, being the main contractor and all, but I am thankful God has given me the ability to do so, (my vile body is not so thankful). Please take note of our address change at the top.

                We have always paid our bills, even over and above, but landlords here just decide they need the house for a family member, or to sell, or rentals have just been unlivable. So having our own place should resolve all this extra stress.  We have sown the word in many places over the years because of these struggles, and now in this jurisdiction, we have rented a meeting room at the Mara hotel in downtown Baia Mare (130,000 souls?), for Sunday morning services.  We will be out weekly fishing for men. Last year, we focused on seeing Christ, to be like him.  This year we will focus on having a right environment, a biblical one.

                We have done what we could in Pericei. After giving three families money for Christmas, one kept asking for more and more things.  We set up a family Christmas dinner with them at noon, but when we arrived, they were all sleeping.  So, we left some food, and took some home to eat.

                I'm thankful that Bro. Lawrence had me preach their evening service in San Mihai.  Two men said they are close to salvation. One is Sergiu's father.  They have helped us with the house some, so I asked him, "What is keeping you from salvation?"  His response was typical of the tradition they are saturated with here.  They just don't change their religion and he'd have to quit smoking first.  He needs to see that Christ paid it all. That is when people get saved!  They must see Jesus is all they need and that his salvation is forever!  Pray, we all went to Cluj for a meeting, and he continues to hear the word of God.

                Paula's trip was very good.  She visited several supporting churches, seeing Seth, and helping Summer out. We're thankful Summer is recovering, and Paula also helped my sister, Nancy, some. Nancy spent several days in the hospital but is doing better now. The internet keeps us informed of many prayer requests around the world which is one reason I like facebook, to pray for others. It keeps us in contact with many who are serving Christ and with those who need to be saved.  Also, our youngest, Isaac, was in the hospital with pneumonia.  We are thankful for all your prayers!                                                                                       The director at the orphanage gave us full use of the new facilities, including a gym, several school rooms, along with a wood shop and sewing room. Lunca Ilvei is doing well, too.  We preached there right before Christmas to a full house.  We had a Christmas dinner with the Pranger's in Budapest. Their church is growing! And preached for brother Irvin in Dunakeszi while there. . We are so thankful for all these friends and more. God told us to pray for labourers, and be one.      So blessed! Paul Pierucki and family 


Dear praying friends,                                 OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2011 PRAYER LETTER


    Psalms 150:6  "Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD."

    I am amazed at God's mercy and grace, especially when considering how little I have at times with others, while receiving so much from them.  I can be very hard to please, and we can be our own worst critic, but God is love, and fills us with his love.  Praise God!

   The ministry in Pericei has dissolved.  The kids quit coming because of a fight, and we are down to one family. If you know the culture of the Roma (gypsy), you would understand it hinges on emotions, and family feuds are not so easy to diffuse.   Building a spiritual work is difficult because the devil plays havoc with their lifestyle.   (Everywhere, everyone has these problems).  So keep your heart tender, forgive, love others, and continue to pray for us.

   The work at the orphanage is great, and we are looking for a building to use this winter. In Lunca Ilvei the ministry is going well with around fifteen adults so far.  Dan Bordeianu is pastoring, working full time at a wood factory, and he has started building a house for his family.  They have three children.  They have met in Corneliu Grigoruscuta's house, the last year and a half, with some now sitting on the floor.  We'll take them some chairs for Christmas.  Pray as we want to help them find  a building in the spring. Also, we sent them our translated material last month. Dana received Christ as her Saviour last summer, and her husband George comes with a good spirit. Please  pray for his salvation.  Another man, named Daniel was saved this fall and is like a sponge, growing in the Lord.

   We are in Germany for Thanksgiving where the Thornsleys are.  They will be returning to the States after so many years here, because of his cancer. Please pray for them and Victory Baptist Church in Stuttgart as they look for a Pastor. They are such a blessing to us!

  On the way home from Germany, Paula will fly back to the States for a few weeks. Her niece, Summer has very serious health issues, and has two daughters.  Summer's family was killed by a drunk driver in 1988 and Paula is very concerned about her. Also, my sister, Nancy was just diagnosed with cancer, so I wish I was going too, but cannot at this time.

  Last month, we were told to move by Dec. 17  when the court decides who will get the house we rent.  So, I have been working long days and weeks trying to finish the house we own, with what finances are available.  I am thankful that the only thing I did not know how to do (pour cement for a septic tank), Brother Lawrence and Sergiu came and straightened out my mess. I finished the lid myself with Elijah.  The outside and inside staircase are useable, we have the hot water heating system and plumbing all done, reusing everything we have collected through the years.  The electrical wiring is getting there and most of the drywall is up with a first coat on the seams, thanks to Alex. The doors are up, and we need to get some particle board on the floors now.  I get overwhelmed, but seeing others' burdens makes us thankful ours is so light.

  We are yearning for some souls to be saved, and to have some disciples to instruct in God's word.  So, we look forward to passing out bibles for Christmas, and telling who we can, they must be born again.


                                                                                                   God bless!    Paul Pierucki and Family 



Dear praying friends,

    Four months in the States went very fast! Traveling to so many churches: seven of which are new supporting ones, so our support is good!  Plus, saved some of the love offerings which helped much starting back up in Romania. In June, we were in four preachers (and camp) meetings hearing many great messages from God. Seeing many men I have known for a long time still walking with God is a great encouragement, and meeting many more.

  Since we could not sell our old house in Michigan, we re-mortgaged it to buy a house in Romania from another missionary who had to leave the field. It was under construction with a frame and land, so I will spend a few days a week (when I can) and hope it's livable by the spring. The house we are renting now is in a lawsuit, I found out our first day back, and legally we are not supposed to be here. It will be so good to quit moving and having landlord problems.  We're just pilgrims looking forward to our heavenly home, praying to take as many as possible with us.

  Our van was well taken care of in Hungary, and returning to Romania we had to register it in our name, costing over $1,000 just for the sales taxL. The other car just needed a new battery and a bath. Sergiu's family took good care of the rental house and the church in Pericei. They moved to San Mihai where Isaac Lawrence has a church, and he had me speak there Sunday night.

  Our first day back (Wednesday, the 6th) we had services in Pericei with the three new babies present, and Sunday morning too. It made me think, our church house is smaller than most nurseries in the States but blessed. They are painting the church yellow.

  Went to Cluj, then Dersida on Thursday.   Happy our storage stuff was fine. It was good to see the Gypsies investing their own money in insulating, and building a lower ceiling in the main church room in Dersida.

  On Friday, we went to the orphanage in Cehu, then to Baia Sprie to check on the house we bought. In the winter it was broken into.  At that time we lost some power tools and other stuff. So, I made a large sign that read "Thou shall not steal. - God", in Romanian before we left for the States. The only thing missing this time was the signJ.

  Saturday, we were back at the orphanage.  We purchased a dozen more scooters, and we're looking forward to seeing what God will do this summer with the kids everywhere. We brought a Pastors daughter over with us and he will come get her the first week of August.  We're planning an evangelistic meeting in Zalau the last week of July and a youth meeting in Budapest at the Pranger's the 2nd week of August. 

  Some things never change.  I see lost people everywhere who need to be born again.     Sowing and watering, praying and seeking to see souls saved.


   God bless, Paul Pierucki and Family



THE PIERUCKI FAMILY     February & March, 2011


 Dear praying friends,

     Wow, we have been so busy the last several months, having such a wonderful time with God, and his people. So thankful, His promises cannot fail! If we had to keep ourselves saved, it could not be the gift of God. God is good, for his mercy endureth forever.

  The Calin's were a great help to the church in Pericei.  Victor and Teresa had a baby girl and because of proper preaching, broke tradition by bringing her to church their first Sunday home, (tradition keeps mother and child home for seven weeks of purification).  The programs at the orphanage went so well also, with the children and teens learning much the last two months before we all left.

  Louis's mother was saved at Debrecen's mission's conference! And the families in Lunca Ilvei are eagerly awaiting our return July fourth, so we can have a large evangelism effort, and look for a building for them to start meeting in. Keep praying for George and Dana's salvation.  They are both under conviction.

  Paula's friend Marianna, who refused to take a bible, finally took one with her name on it. Then God worked in her heart.  She was amazed how Paula knew she has complete forgiveness of sins, and is one hundred percent sure she is going to heaven. She came to dinner, and after an hour of reading verses in her bible she said, "That's enough, I see" 

  We had to move from our nice house, right before leaving, to one close to downtown, and God brought the Sergiu Sidor family, sent out of the church in Cluj as missionaries to watch over the church in Pericei, and help Isaac Lawrence with his church. They are living in our new place and would like to start a church in Zalau, too.  Praise the Lord!

  We have been to a dozen churches in a month (stateside), including three new supporting ones, visiting friends and family along the way. (Everyone has been such a blessing!) Left a lot of snow in Manitoba Canada, then it started snowing again in Michigan, so we headed to Alabama and North Carolina for several meetings.  We are looking forward to seeing old friends, and making new ones! Praising God for all he does daily.  So thankful for everyone's faithful support and prayers.  We are looking forward to returning to Romania in a few months, and for our Lord's return any day now.

  Psalms 150:6  Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.

Looking forward,

Paul Pierucki Family



Dear praying friends,
Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:
We are blessed! Last year was so full of battles, some defeats but always victorious when we look to what we are in Christ, and all God has done, is doing, and will do.
Thankful for all of your prayers, and support for us to keep serving our Saviour. Such a privilege, seeing his will accomplished in other's lives. One church gave money to fix the little girls (Eliza) hand at the orphanage, and the surgeon would not take any payment so with what was left, plus several totes of toys from a church in Germany all the children received presents for Christmas. We spend four hours every Saturday now with them.
We had enough presents for almost forty children in Pericei, and seven boys received sleds for memorizing verses with Louis. Then Louis and Zsuszi moved to Debrecen, and will serve God in a great church there. Pastor Zsolt asked me to preach their soul winning, mission's conference in the end of January.
We had six families in this Wednesday night service in Pericei, and are focusing on Gods attributes, to be like him. Last week was on honesty, this week on charity, and next week on faithfulness. It will be good to spend the year focused on Christ.
The church in Lunca Ilvei lost their pastor several years ago, another good man stepping in, but so much division caused it to collapse this summer, with several good families desiring to have a proper, scriptural church. So I have talked with our Pastor about working with them to start an Independent Baptist church there with the pastor who has stood for the truth through this all. We will go to the Independent Baptist Church planters meeting next week in Timisoara, then start laying the foundation. My focus with them; and in Zalau with the Calin's will be local church doctrine.
The Calin family, who are raising support to come and work in Romania with us, will be with us the next six weeks also. Our landlord wants to sell our house we live in, so we rented another one and are setting it up for the Calin's. Then in the end of February will move the rest of our stuff in there for storage, giving us a place for us to live when we return from the States in July. It has been three years since our family has been back, and we will only be back for four months because we do not want to leave the ministries for too long. Please contact me if you would like us to stop by.


THE PIERUCKI FAMILY October & November, 2010

Dear praying friends,

"Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:"
I Timothy 1 : 5
While trying to help a friend rest in Gods promises, the Lord one morning turned the messages I had been preaching on faith, forgiveness, and assurance around to me and my besetting sin, and made me free. As believers we often struggle much with this flesh, but what is better than a pure heart? It is so good to have a clear conscience and faith, knowing that God heard our prayer and has granted our petition. (James 1:5-8 and 1st John 5:14-15)
To give others faith is why God has us doing what we do. As much as I would like to see everyone have full assurance and peace with God. Our job is to sow and water His word, for faith "cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God." "And this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."
We are all products of our environment, and as missionaries we see many different types, but the best one is a biblical environment. So stay in His word and all will be well.
While in the United States I have missed my family so much and, Lord willing, will never have to travel without them for an extended period again. In the past 7 weeks I have reported to a dozen churches, and presented the ministry to several new ones while picking up a few hundred dollars a month in support. However, we are still short about $1,000/month from last spring which necessitates a return trip to the States again in the Spring of 2011. Paula and our children will be with me on this return trip thanks to our home church. If you have any contacts please forward them to me. I have exhausted nearly all of our resources, but still believe it is best to let Pastors contact me without putting pressure on them to do more than they can.
I assure you if I could make money in Romania to live and stay put, we would. The 24% sales tax here takes a quarter of our support just for the social programs, which are failing miserably. We all know what they need is Jesus; and we do not want to quit on Him.
God restored our emergency fund and has blessed us so much in every place we went. It has been very encouraging to be with so many who love our Lord and are serving Him faithfully. We also have had the blessing of seeing people get saved, and have been encouraged by what God is doing and desires in every church.
It has been heartbreaking to find out that many Pastors are going without pay, with some having to get secular jobs while missionaries are losing support everywhere, resulting in ministries being cut around the world. In these last days, God wants us to do more, not less, to tell others of His salvation. Don't let Satan blow your light out. Yes, much is going on, but we have such promises from God. Shine for Jesus!
God uses everything you give. God bless you all and your faithfulness! A young lady was saved in Iowa, and almost an entire church went to the altar one night and even though they have some serious struggles, gave us a $1,000 love offering. Also, my brothers fiance was saved, Paula's aunt went to glory, and she has been praying for her family and pleading with me to corner them all and preach the gospel to them. Our brother in-law had quadrupal by-pass surgery last month; he asked me: How are we sure God will save us? He believed God!
Please pray for God to use the messages he has been giving me to see many gypsies saved once and for all. They struggle so with salvation. We will be busy distributing the beautiful, properly translated Romanian bibles this winter. The printers are sending another 15,000 Leather-bound ones next year. God is worthy of such praise for this all. It is a pioneer work seeing God build some biblical churches here, but having a properly translated Romanian bible is the key.
Praise God for His word! He cannot lie, and changes not. Assurance is ours if we just trust God.

Please make checks payable to our church:
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    Dear praying friends;


  Titus 2:13  Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; 

   Been studying the return of our saviour and know it is a great focus in the New Testament. This subject for one like me who had no hope, no future for so long but now is the most touching thought in my heart. The glorious future we have! (This flesh and world we know, all the sorrow, sad things� the burdens gone forever) Folks! This is not religion, this is God�s word.

  Rented a storefront in Zalau by the hospital but the owner did not finish a contract with someone else so we have to wait till May to start using it, then I remembered how many churches started in Hotel banquet rooms so we found a beautiful one for 10 euro an hour and have been having services there. This works in the States but I don�t think anyone has tried it here. Please pray for people to come.  

  It has been very rainy but we have been out putting up flyers, handing out scriptures with invitations and advertising. Doing what we can, always amazed at peoples desire thinking money will make them happy and how they will go to great lengths to get it but most will never have what some do and the ones who have much are not really satisfied. Real love, joy and peace are fruit of the Spirit of God and come only though faith in Jesus Christ. What we do sowing and watering the word of God is more important than any other work on this earth. Your faith has to be in what he says for you to be content.

  Family is doing fine always trying to get school work accomplished and our oldest Seth stayed in the States when we returned last May, pray for him.

  The program at the orphanage is going very well and it�s good to hear the children quoting verses, some of the new ones have been shy but are warming up and now want to hang on us all the time. Louis, Alex and our family are blessed every time and we pray the children�s lives will be transformed because of God�s care. We don�t know what they have been through and deal with daily.

  A church in Iowa sent $1,200 for bibles and a few friends gave $100 each. They are going to cost around $10 a piece and I hope to have at least 200 for Zalau. Let me be clear the Romanian bible was critical text and an Independent Baptist Church in Cluj and many others who helped did a received text translation that we have used and supported all along.

  There are those who oppose but look at our web site, for years we�ve had a comparison listed and can assure you that even the �Baptist� in Romania teach baptismal regeneration and you can lose your salvation because the corruption of their bible. Eighteen years ago when we started investing money in Ministries in Romania someone said their bible was a mess, but you can�t take away what they got. So today my question is� Why not give them a good one?  It�s true I�m a failure in language but I do know my shepherds voice, and know he desires Romanians to hear and follow him not man. If we would listen to Jesus he would remove our doubts, fears and confusion the devil loves us to be filled with. Are you sure what you believe is right?

  So blessed to have the faith,

   Paul Pierucki                                       Sent and supported through: Sturgis Baptist Church

CP19 Simleu Sivaniei                                                                         P.O.Box 844 Sturgis MI.

Jud:Salaj 455300                                              49091       




THE PIERUCKI FAMILY  December & January         

 IN EASTERN EUROPE           prayer letter


Dear praying friends,

    Mark 8:18  Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? 

   This text was to the disciples on provision. What do you see, hear and remember? God will provide for you.

    Pray you all remember all the good God did last year. Souls saved, friends and family getting right with God, seed sown and God glorified.

  We are so thankful He raised our support and brought us back to Romania, gave us new ministries and sowing fields, new friends to fellowship with and many precious memories of His provision, goodness and grace. I love His loving kindness!

  None of us see the amount of Gods daily care in our lives and His workings toward us and through us, you have no idea how much God uses you daily. Everything counts and we are very excited about what God will do this year!

  We took a trip to Austria to visit Dora who was saved years ago in Nasaud then to Germany for Thanksgiving with the Thornsley�s (still enjoying their church�s food gifts) and met many missionaries from all over Europe there and at Rhein River Baptist Church�s missionary retreat. Blessed to preach at several churches too.

  The Gypsy church in Dersida is regrouping now that their pastor has retuned and we have had many contacts from some newspaper and cable ads all over our county.

  Several prospects for a building to start meeting in Zalau and several prospects for salvation too. Please pray for the teachers at the orphanage as we started a JR. church there in December and one is very close to salvation. Of course pray for the kids as it is a challenge having 6 year olds up to 18 together for games, singing and bible lessons but we have had some great services and continue to wrestle with principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places here in Romania.  

  Been cold here too and we learned this big house has no insulation, burnt up all or wood so we got ten tons of coal, the truck was so old he dumped it at the bottom of our hill so we brought it up by hand in our old van (every time used it needs much repair but glad we still have it) and learned to burn it. Do you remember fun with coal?

  Paula had an accident with our new mini van, everyone is OK but it is at the dealership being repaired. We are thankful to hear from you, your prayer request and praises, cards and emails edify us.

  Pray God would build a church in Zalau, this will be our focus right now. Thank you for giving to the Lord, remember it changes all of our lives and so many others. If you are not involved in mission giving in some way, you can start for there is so much need all around the world. Every church and place needs more labourers so give yourself while you can.

  They will print the first complete Bible here this summer for $20,000 and I have always known this is Romania�s greatest need. We have people ask us for whole ones weekly, and I do not like giving them an NIV so I will give to give, Amen! Spend and be spent for Jesus.

  Toiling on!

Paul Pierucki            Skype# 269-467-0133             Sent and Supported through

C.P.19 Simleu Silvaniei                                             Sturgis Baptist Church                                                     

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THE PIERUCKI FAMILY  October and November         

 IN EASTERN EUROPE           prayer letter


Dear praying friends,


  Matthew 6:21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

  So many lost much this last year, not just financially but hope for America, our liberties and many things we have taken for granted.

  God is wise to command us not to lay up our treasure here, and if we obey Him and put our finances, hopes and lives toward eternal things we cannot lose! One of my old motto�s is we are not living for the here and now but for the there and later, Amen.

  I do many email reports but some do not receive them so the prayer letter is often a review. The web site is some what updated with a new photo video link of the work, our home and daily sights from this year. Please note our new mailing address!

  Praise the Lord for a like new mini van! It is a Romanian made 7 passenger test drive vehicle the dealership gave us a great deal on and with Paula�s inheritance, a couple from our home churches generosity and your faithfulness to meet every need it is paid for. The total support for October was two dollars from the purchase price.

  Now we can all go to the orphanage again and church services together.

Please be in prayer for the gypsy church in Dersida, I will pastor till their pastor returns from Spain and after 6 years of solid teaching from two good missionaries many still do not know who the foundation is nor see a problem with the false teachings of justification by works.

  I will focus on salvation again because I�ve seen so many confused listening to everyone but the great shepherd. If you can do anything please pray for the gypsy people. My heart has been broke over the years seeing so many lead astray, and I believe your prayers make all the difference in our lives and can make the difference for them, pray.

  We had great weather this fall for passing out scriptures and went to many new markets with Romanian New Testaments, Hungarian Bibles and even King James.

  Pray for the many orphans we work with weekly and in January we want to start a church in Zalau, over 80,000 souls who need Christ and to reach them we do need a building to meet in. Some missionaries in a major city here had one given to them just recently! So I thought if everyone prays maybe God would bless us with one too. After all I don�t know many Independent Baptist missionaries (We�re the ones proclaiming Gods word not mans teachings) being given a � million or more just like that. But to give the news of Christ will never compare to any amount of money.

  With Jesus you never lose, nothing but gains!

Looking up!

Paul Pierucki            Skype# 269-467-0133             Sent and Supported through

C.P.19 Simleu Silvaniei                                                           Sturgis Baptist Church                                                     

Jud:Salaj 455300                P.O.Box 844

Romania                                                                                                                         Sturgis MI. 49091


The Pierucki Family

     Back In Romania           June and July         

                                                                  Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends,


    2 Corinthians 5:19  To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

   This major text is clear, think of being reconciled to God, forgiven and given the work of seeing others reconciled by Gods word! Come to Jesus and be accepted.

   A major mess as we returned to find the Apt. full of mold and our van not repaired but much cleaning and pitching stuff (neighbors picked everything out of the dumpster) we got the place livable then started moving with the van across the country (it broke down every trip) to Simleu and finally after much pushing (of companies) got it into a body shop so we can finish moving by August. We really need a better van for the ministry, church transportation and for the orphanage so everyone can go several times a week. If you could please help because vehicles cost three times as much here.  God has met every other need and the family is so happy to be back!

  Major address and phone number changes so please update all your contact info. We do enjoy cards and letters, our email is the same and I hope to start updating the web site soon.

  In Nasaud we have had many great services (God has been very present) and they are glad for our return but most come for us and God is moving us 3 hours away. We will continue to come when we can and to other villages. We have distributed 30 cases of scriptures in the markets already and seen a nun read Gods simple plan of salvation. Major answer to prayer as we received five year visas!

  The village work in Petris has been corrupted by legalist and my heart is broke for they are so confused, so while we continue to stand firm for the truth of the gospel please pray God is able to use us to communicate the depth of His love, what Jesus did was enough to save forever.

    A major salvation as the elderly lady near the end of our video received Gods gift of eternal life through Christ! Parasciva wanted to live with us too but she�ll wait till the Lord comes amen.

   The crippled man asked me for an electric wheel chair, and if anyone has any idea how I might get one please let me know.

   With the move comes a whole new mass of villages that need a witness and Zalau is around 80,000. The more we talk to people who even clam to be saved the more we see they are taught only good works will get you to heaven. God still wants them to hear the truth and we want to see Him save souls (I am so thankful God has a church in our home town!) then produce disciples and encourage everyone to just do all the will of God and finish His work. This is the best anyone could have in life.


  Blessed forever                                                                          Sent and Supported thru

 Paul Pierucki Family                                                                   Sturgis Baptist Church         P.O.Box 844   Sturgis MI 49091                                                                                              

CP19  Simleu Silvaniei             Our Skype #                                       (269) 651-4227

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The Pierucki Family

     From Romania               January       

                                                           Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends,

  Psalms 150:2  Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

   God is worthy of praise! Having many favorite things to do one of the best is taking a bible and showing someone Jesus saves forever. I have talked to thousands and many have said they asked forgiveness from God but not believing Gods promise, continue on hopeless and James chapter one is clear that that man has not received anything from the Lord. But when you believe Gods promises you get it all, and faith brings rejoicing like the Ethiopian Eunuch. Praise the Lord for souls saved at the county jail, bus visitation, nursing home ministries and release time bible classes we have been privileged to work with at our home church; these are the mighty acts of God, amen.

    We had wonderful dinners with both Paula and my families over the holidays and we really appreciate all the cards and gifts for the family on Christmas and birthdays. We always look forward to hearing from you and we love when we get photos too.

   Paula�s mom went to heaven Sunday January 20th, Paula is the baby and it has been very hard on her and her family for they are so close. We are praying many will get saved and God will change some very rough lives through this. And very thankful she was able to spend time daily with her and help out much.

   We will be in Alabama then Texas for some of February; in March I have a mission conference in Colorado then Ohio, one in April in Iowa and if anyone else would like us to come by please contact me, I do have many open dates.

  Planning on going to Romania on May 20th and staying for we miss the people (some even miss usJ) and can be very busy till the Lord comes back. There is probably someone on every street in the world who has not heard.  And a good church is needed in 100�s of cities and 1000�s of villages, not just in Romania but everywhere.

  Being in so many churches I�ve seen a successful church is just sowing and watering everywhere possible, loving Jesus and keeping His commands. I hope you each know the blessedness of being involved someway with your focus on seeing Jesus, while living here for eternity. So many false teachings, pray for laborers proclaiming the truth, Jesus saves!

   Praise God for His mighty acts, the work of each church and the gospel being preached. He not only changed our eternity but what a wonderful life we have because He set us free and cares.

  Serving the best Father!                                                          Sent and Supported thru

    Paul Pierucki Family                                                              Sturgis Baptist Church




The Pierucki Family

     From Romania    November and December       

                                                           Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends

   I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Philippians 1:3  That is what is in our hearts looking back over the year. Even though we stay in the States to raise support God is in control and we have perfect peace we are right where He wants us because of all His provision and the devils opposition.

   From June through October we had the most wonderful meetings. I wish I could name everyone for we met so many faithful pastors and church members serving the Lord and learned much too. A missionary gets a taste of bad things but when you focus on what is of God it overwhelms you and He gave over a $1000 a month in new support, glory!

  With the dollar so weak $4500 will not last so we pray many are still considering support because we can not return to Romania as planned until we have over $5000 so please pray as I continue to schedule future meetings.

  We are not speaking of just family living but ministry money. God gave us enough in love offerings to pay our rent for our apt. and church room till June, and Louis�s salary whom is not only preaching in Nasaud and Petris weekly but translating books. He finished a Bible promise book and is now working on Phil Stringers Baptist Distinctive book.

   The Old Testament translation work has run into some financial snags so Louis is helping with that too. He is getting his degrees in English and German so pray for him and souls to be saved. Micu received Christ as his saviour and Nelu�s father has been coming to church. Alex went home for a few months and asks for you to pray he will be a good testimony and see family and friends saved. We cannot forsake our few sheep. Paid $6000 cash for a 2004 Daewoo Matiz for the ministry too! Spend and be spent for God, and we are spent out, amen.

   More missionaries have left because it seems to be an impossible field but God cannot straiten people out with a crooked book, and this translation is going to produce more good churches someday.                      I just came back from Europe and left knowing God has used us and many hearts are waiting our return. Everywhere we went ladies asked for Paula and sent their love. And the Isaacson�s are going to put us on their foundation which will secure us better visa�s when we return in May Lord willing.

   God has helped many churches and I desire to be a friend to all even though some brethren treat you as an enemy. God is our faithful friend and He continues to break our hearts for the lost everywhere.           Renews daily a desire to do more than possible and then be amazed at what God has done! I would love to preach the gospel all over Europe and I continually add to our web site to help as many as we can. There is missionary helps, lots of salvation material and because missionaries keep translating stuff and we do not communicate like we should I have listed what we know is available. If you support other missionaries in Romania let them know.

  If we are going to fulfill our job of preaching to all nations we should recognize God�s men and help one another like our Father commands. Every local church should do what they can.


Paul Pierucki





The Pierucki Family
     From Romania    September & October        
                                                           Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends,
   Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.   Psalms 150:6
   Jesus Christ is worthy to be praised not cussed. He is worthy of love not hate. He is worthy of honor and power and glory not for us to be ashamed, but of a bold testimony that he is Gods Son and the only way to God.
   Just praise Him to everybody, amen. September was full of meetings, great love offerings and even some extra meetings due to car breakdowns. A mechanic did get saved and I was privileged to walk in a parade for the Lord.  
    A couple more churches voted to start support but we are short for the family to return in November so we go on, amen. (Please note on all checks they are for the Pierucki�s now that we have 3 missionaries sent out of our church.)
  Started October with some great meetings and looking forward to several mission conferences, already enjoying a great one in Sioux City and Fort Dodge Iowa and Warren MI.  God has been meeting with us faithfully and I am touched by the amount of work He is doing in many hearts.
  Our family misses our church and friends in Romania and they miss us. The few are being faithful and God is able and willing to do so much if we follow on. I will go back in November for a few weeks to secure things till spring.
  God knows the need and it is His work so just put it in His hands and we are just going to do all we can till we see Him face to face.  The Lord did not bring us back just to raise support but to dig much wrong from my heart. I wish it wasn�t there but I am glad He is digging.
  God is faithful and we are really blessed in His presence.
  Keep your eyes on Jesus and praise Him.
   Heaven bound!
Paul Pierucki


The Pierucki Family

     From Romania     July and August Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,
    "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."         Revelation 20:15.
    God's message of salvation, to have your name written is only through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, never works of any kind and too many are perishing with religion of works with no one telling them what the Bible really says. Where will you spend eternity?
   We preach salvation clear, local church, Biblical standards, ecclesiastical separation... Thankful for following God by His Word and to lead others to walk in truth, so thankful for the church in Nasaud and the ministry in Petris walking on. Everyone seems to be doing well and stateside God has honored His work, blessed all the services and given us what is needed daily as the devil continues to attack us.
   Thank you for praying as we travel. I am looking forward to great meetings this fall but please pray as our family will be separated much. Several more churches have promised support and several individuals. God does bless even though we are so unworthy but He has much work and I don't want to stop glorifying He Who is so worthy!  I asked a Christian dentist for help with dental work unknowing that a sister from church did the same earlier that week; he lost a blessing not because he refused me but I believe God was giving him an opportunity. Reminded me of how many I miss.
   Many other churches desire to start support and we are praying they do not forget us. Looking at our budget we dropped from $4000 a month in 2005 to $3500 in 2006. This summer God has brought us up to $4250 so far. Thank you all who are doing more! And our Father has assured me He will meet the needs. We still need more support to stay several years and accomplish more for the Gospel's sake as the economy continues to explode in Romania.
   We were saving for a usable van there from the love offerings but I paid the health insurance in full and did get all the kids dental work done - over $5000 total, but glory, all is paid!

  I enjoy writing a weekly email report and update the web page weekly too with photos.  It has much info and if you have any suggestions let me know. Paula had a scare with here check-ups but all is well and the kids are getting back to full time school. Pray as we try to do better this year.
   We go to parks here, door to door, and if all else fails Wal-Mart always is a good place for me to hand out tracts. It shows where America*s heart is.
   All our Christian life people have said slow down, take your time, don't be so serious but all we think about is Jesus, Gods word, His desire and will, people all around, and inside crying because God wants to save each soul, it is His heart, does He have yours?
  Praying for you too,
      Paul Pierucki



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