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     I use 260 balloons ordered online or I found hobby lobby has a good price. A 2 way air mattress pump works great and we will put links for tying techniques on this page.   Come learn how to make balloon animals - designed for kids, by Magical Balloon-dude Dale.   (There is lots of sites for this.)

Learn how to make balloon animals from short video clips. From dogs to cats, flowers to silly hats.


  People are empty like balloons; they do many things but not what they were made for. You can tie things up and snap your friends but that is not what the balloon was created for and that's why people will never be satisfied till they please God. That is why He made you and your sin separates you from God and you can only please God with faith.

  Many teach our works to please God but God says that does not please Him. Only believing Him, believing His word can we please God and then we are satisfied. Only right faith will bring right works. We love and serve because we are saved not to be saved.

  We know we have sinned and broken Gods laws. He gave His Son and Jesus gave His blood for our sins (He died for us) to take our sins away and rose from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of the Father praying for you. Who needs a priest if you have Jesus Christ, AMEN! Saved to the uttermost.

  When you believe this and ask God for forgiveness and Jesus as your saviour He fills you with His Spirit just like you fill a balloon and seals you till the day of redemption. Most could not untie a balloon and you sure cannot undo what God has done redeeming your soul, blood bought forever.

   Now God can make you and form you, it takes twisting and squeezing and bending and it is not comfortable but God is making you like Him. Doesn't matter what color or shape or what others think, as long as you allow God to mold you. If you fight with God you will never turn out to be what God intends. So let Him mold you and make you useful to others.  


  Ask kids things you do to please God and illustrate blowing up a different color balloon for every thing we do. Balloons are beautiful and the more we obey (we obey because we believe) the more people will see our God and when we have many good works we look like a rainbow.

  Now rainbows show the promise of God and His mercy and that's what we need to show everyone around us.


Use a rubber snake, Oh! The serpent is scary but God calls the devil one for the poison is in his mouth. Too often we listen to this liar rather than God who cannot lie and changes not.


Use a big spider, Ah, the spider is a beast who bites! so many are smashed daily. A spider killer I am but what will harm you most is sin and it needs to be smashed, crushed and destroyed. When you see a spider ask yourself, is there sin you need to confess and forsake?


A rubber chameleon, The chameleon is a lizard that changes its appearance with environment or emotions. And Christians should not be like this lizard and do the same. If you are saved you are saved 24/7.


I use handcuffs and a lock with chains to show how sin binds us.


A stethoscope and blood pressure cuff work great when speaking about the heart, life of the flesh, and the price of our redemption.


God gives us good things but some are not forever, your balloon will pop but God does not want you to spend the rest of your life crying, but to be thankful for the time you had it and it should be the same when we loose other things or people. Only God can comfort those who morn, but Jacob refused to be comforted. Will you let God always be your help and strength?


I use tape measures for setting goals and other thoughts like growing, flash lights, glasses and binoculars for vision and seeing things right, tools for various object lessons and even a broken one shows we ought to let God keep us in good repair.


  A big bucket of big rocks makes those stoned in the bible real and so does a whip helps us to appreciate where we are and what others have been through to walk with God.


 One time I made a jail in a classroom and asked who would like to go to jail? Almost the whole class raised their hands and God spoke to my heart and said, there are my children. It seems like we like to be captive even though we can be free.