Testimony for Gods glory,
Paula and I were married in 1984 and had a rough life because of drugs and much death. In 1986 my father died from alcohol, then the next year my mother died in my arms, her last words were "its all right" but nothing was. Six weeks later a best friend living with us died, a priest said he was in heaven because of his baptism. Another friend was weeping because he had never been baptized, but I was scared too. Then the next summer Paula's sister, husband and 8 year old nephew were killed by a drunk driver.
Our marriage was over. I thought a baby would save it, and made a vow to God to live for him but could not clean up and live a Christian life. I had always sold drugs and Paula had quit. I gave up any hope, and 3 months later started a new job. A man I worked with invited us to church May 20,1990. The message was for me, the invitation and the knowledge that Jesus paid it all was given to me by God and He saved my soul.
Went home forgiven and going to heaven! Called to preach and trained at our local Baptist church Institute. Paula was saved Feb.14 1991 and we worked in nursing homes weekly, jail ministry, bus ministries, Sunday school, JR church and whatever we could for 13 years. God called us to Romania Aug.2001 and we did deputation March 2002 to Oct. 2003 and have been busy here since. Took care of 2 churches and a bible institute for a brother on furlough the first several months then started a Baptist church 150 miles east in the spring of 2004. We will not work with the Baptist Union or accept their baptism because they teach a works salvation.
Have helped another local church and Bible Institute 70 miles away too and our former missionaries bible school. In all I have taught over 300 college hours. Children camps, street meetings, giving out over 20,000 New Testaments, 200,000 John and Romans and have no idea the amount of tracts. All our family loves sowing the word of God. I know it is Gods will for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, and God in his soverinty gave man a free will. Then once saved we do not belong to ourselves, but are his purchased possession, a child forever and trophy of his grace.
Preaching in Hungary almost monthly, and Germany every year. Encouraging other missionaries and nationals to walk in the truth and contend for the faith.
We also now look for God to start several churches, and work in an orphanage weekly the last several years.
We are Independent Baptist, local church planters serving God by the King James Bible as final authority and glad we have a right translation in Romanian now too!
I believe in training nationals and have many years invested in several men whom we pray continue in the truth and lead others likewise.
God has blessed and we have visa's now till 2013. Our support level is unstable but we know God will provide to fight a good fight. If you have any questions our States # is 269-467-0133, We are seven hours ahead of Eastern standard time.
We are sent out and supported through Van Born Baptist Church under Reverand Gregory Albright, (313-570-7835)
Thank you for serving our Lord according to his word. We desire to serve you the same.
www.vanbornbaptist.com www.Jesusisworthy.com
ppierucki@yahoo.com                                                         Blessed, Paul Pierucki


Dear Brethren,

   I am writing to recommend to you Brother Paul Pierucki for mission's work in Romania.  Brother Paul Pierucki is 49 years old.  He was saved in Sturgis Mi in a local independent Baptist church in 1990. He enrolled in their three year Bible Institute shortly after he was saved and graduated in January 1994. 

  I personally met Brother Pierucki in 1993 while he was working in his local church in Sturgis.  At the time his church was putting on a Preacher's meeting.  Brother Burliegh the pastor at Van Born Baptist church and I attended.  Neither Brother Pierucki or I had any idea at the time we met that both of us would surrender to God's call upon our lives, he to the mission field of Romania, and I to pastor the Van Born Baptist church. 

  We were one of the first churches to take Brother Pierucki on as a missionary to Romania in 2002.  In April of 2010 Brother Pierucki spoke to me about joining the Van Born Baptist church because of the direction his former church was going.  He wants to follow the Lord by his word and preach it. And needed to stay in a conservative, local Independent Baptist church so God directed him to us. 

  I request a letter of transfer from Sturgis Baptist church and they granted and sent it with no problem.  They are at this time still sending their support for Brother Pierucki to the Van Born Baptist church. Please consider having a part in his support.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the above address or phone numbers.



  Pastor  Gregory A. Albright