1. In 1st Samuel 18:4, Jonathan lays his armor at David's feet because David

defeated the giant that Jonathan could not conquer. Man has and will always struggle with the giant of death, but Jesus defeated death at the cross, and all who believe in Him can lay their useless weapons down like religion, self righteousness and good works.

   He can fight our battles from now on, amen! Jonathan loved David as his own soul. Have you recognized God's love and provision for you and fallen in love with Jesus? Is your soul knit with God's?


2. Jesus saves forever, If you are truly saved by God His Spirit is sealed in you until the day of redemption. You do not belong to yourself, you were bought with the greatest price ever paid for anything in this universe (The blood of Jesus) and therefore you are the greatest possession of Gods and He will not break His covenant ever.

3. I love the story of Mary anointing the Lord, the disciples were complaining about the waste because Judas started (evil communications corrupt good manners) but Jesus rebuked them and said to leave her alone, she has done what she could.

   Now she was grateful her brother Lazarus was alive and she loved the Lord but Jesus said she has done it for his burying. Jesus had told many of his coming death and resurrection, he even told the disciples to let these sayings sink down into your ears but Mary was the only one setting at his feet who acted upon what she heard. God says we need to tell others of his salvation because they will perish without him, are you doing what you can?

4. I like thinking about God and the cross daily. The love he proved, the price he paid for me and everyone else, the joy we bring him when we put faith in the gospel and cease from our works and how he is thinking about us all the time too. This amazes me and the fact that I walk with God. Talk to him and he speaks to me and guides me, uses us all and takes perfect care of us even though we are so wrong in so many ways. God is so good to all. If only others would see its not religion, but him.